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PicayuneFarrago's News

Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 1 day ago

It's becoming evident to me that nobody reads these, so I'm just going to post some old stuff I was thinking about recently.


So this is a 7 year old drawing I did for a forum called Mario Boards' Official Mario Awards, in 2014.


Here's the original post. I just turned 14 when I wrote it and it shows. Back then, I used to use MS Paint as my main drawing program, before finding Paint Tool Sai.

I actually made comic pages back then. I don't really do it much anymore, but I feel like I should.

Anyway, here's one that was a request or art trade (i can't remember).


The requester basically asked to make a reference to Bowser Jr.'s voice actor's great singing, so I made a page depicting him having a lovely singing voice compared to the koopalings.

This is just a little something I did for, uh, atmosphere. iu_424777_7765793.png

There is no context, I just wanted to make something that seemed cool. I think I did okay for the time.


I didn't make things like this very often back then. To be honest it suits me more now because of how miserable it is.

I made a dark star version of Bowser Jr. who was taller and more mellow than he was. He didn't like doing evil but had trouble generally existing.



Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 6 days ago


pico and a shaymin look off into the horizon after committing kill

and it's also vaporwave i think

messing around in gmod.


Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 7 days ago

Why yes I did buy Supporter just to change my username. It means something.

I also changed my icon and banner.

Just got kind of tired of the old ones.



Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 8 days ago

Well, I started ripping my fingers again.

It's something I've done my whole life. Only recently did I start using sharp objects.

Just picking at hangnails until I tear off my skin and it bleeds.

My fingers look absolutely destroyed when I decide I'm done. Honestly I'm surprised there aren't any scars.

I would usually stop when it gets too painful, but this time is different.

This time I was seeking pain. I was trying to make myself feel hurt so I would feel something other than frustration or numb. It worked! I was actually fully aware of myself for once, if only because I was forced to be careful not to further damage the wound.

Now I wonder about making the wound bigger. Like, what would it look like if I could tear a hangnail all the way down to my arm? it would probably hurt for days. But I think at some point the skin is just too attached to the muscle to go that far, without stronger force. Honestly, if anything could pull it that far I'd probably cry.

But again, it would be a different feeling than anger or nothing.



Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 12 days ago

Lately, my dreams have been more vivid. Having more solid imagery and sound. Even still, I can't recall any of them after the fact, and they leave my mind soon after I wake up. (only to be replaced by intrusive thoughts)

I think many of them are just bizarre, sad realities, or oddly specific horror of some sort.

This is the first one in a while I can remember. It is violent.

I had a dream about a pokemon torture/gore simulator. You chose a method of death and then click 3 times to commence it, each time would lead to a "stage" of the torture happening.

Then the 4th click would be a short animation of the ending where they are finally dead. It was a pixel game in the style of gen 4.

I think the game had characters kind of, but not really. The "narrative" was that they were sending in pokemon to kill because they didn't like them anymore. Or maybe they like them too much.

I remember there was a rant in game about Pikachu deserving to die because of how bad its stats are.

The game was getting updates and started featuring fakemon, before being canceled after the creator retired. The game might have been on itch.io or newgrounds.

Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 2 weeks ago

after the incredible success of my first zine Shifting Gardens which got 9 whole downloads!!

I'd like to make another one. It was a fun way to use my graphic design skill and interest. But I'm not sure what to make it about. There are so many directions to take this format in.

I have one idea from a friend but it might be a bit too difficult. A narrative zine about a fictional game with anti-piracy features that get worse and more disturbing as you keep playing. I could come up with a narrative and style for that but conceptualizing a fictional game is the hard part, I wouldn't even know where to start.

What is something you would like to see in a zine?



Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 1 month ago




I have a couple more that will actually qualify for the art portal once I finish them


Posted by PicayuneFarrago - 1 month ago

What kind of aesthetic does my artwork give?

Like, when you look at it, does it remind you of anything in particular, a style, a tone, or something else?

or is it too obtuse to compare?

Just curious how others see it.


Posted by PicayuneFarrago - August 13th, 2021

I reuploaded most of my gallery except for

  • anything A-rated because most normal teenagers cannot respect boundaries and blocking doesn't go both ways on this website, you can dm me if you want to see and I'll consider it
  • shifting gardens art, you can find it here https://whitecheddarkasai.itch.io/shifting-gardens
  • other miscellaneous things I either didn't want to or can't undelete

I may periodically post new art here, who knows. I'm available to talk.



Posted by PicayuneFarrago - August 2nd, 2021

I'm 21 now, so I think I can do most things legally (in the USA). Except rent a car. Weird.

I rode my scooter on a trail today, all the way to another town, and I bought cheese at their Shoprite.

Pictures I Took

I also started seeing a new therapist last week and I think she will be really helpful for me. She has experience with my particular issues.

I decided to put back up a couple of my art pieces since I seem to be getting new followers. Mostly ones from this year.